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Album: Archiva 1
Artist: Asia
1996 Resurgence
CD: LV 104-CD

Keyboards: Geoff Downes (all tracks)
Vocals and Bass: John Payne (all tracks)
Steve Howe (12)
Al Pitrelli (1,8)
John Payne (3-5,7,9,11)
Scott Gorham (6)
Anthony Glynne (1)
Adrian Dessent (10)
Michael Sturgis (6,8)
Nigel Glockler (1,2,10)
Additional Keyboards & Drum Programming: Andy Nye (3,7,9,11)
Drum Programming: Geoff Downes (4,5,12)

Produced by Geoff Downes and John Payne

1. Heart of Gold (Downes/Payne/Hart)
2. Tears (Downes/Warman)
3. Fight Against the Tide (Payne/Nye)
4. We Fall Apart (Downes/Payne)
5. The Mariner's Tale (Payne)
6. Boys From Diamond City (Downes/Warman)
7. A.L.O. (Payne/Nye)
8. Reality (Downes/Payne)
9. I Can't Wait a Lifetime (Payne/Nye)
10. Dusty Road (Downes/Bacon)
11. I Believe (Payne/Nye)
12. Ginger (Downes/Payne/Howe)

Comments: "A.L.O." is short for "Asiatic Light Orchestra."

submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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