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Album: At the sound of the bell
Artist: Pavlov's dog
1976 Columbia/SONY
CD 32405

Band Members:
David Surkamp
Douglas Rayburn
Stephen Scorfina
David Hamilton
Richard Stockton
Thomas Nickeson

Guest Artists:
William Bruford
Mike Abene
Michael Brecker
George Gerich
High Wycombe Boys Choir
Andy Mackay
Mountain Fjord Orchestra
Les Nicol
Paul Prestopino
Elliot Randall
Gavyn Wright

Produced by ???

1. She came shining 4:18
2. Standing here with you (Megan's song) 3:51
3. Mersey 3:05
4. Valkerie 5:23
5. Try to hang on 2:08
6. Gold Nuggets 3:37
7. She breaks like a morning sky 2:27
8. Early morning on 3:11
9. Did you see him cry 5:38

Comments: Good symphonic pop-rock. Interesting vocal (Surkamp)

Thanks to Rene Laursen for providing this information.

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