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Album: Cirque Surreal
Artist: Rick Wakeman and His Band
1995 D-Sharp
CD: DSH LCD 7018
Band Members:
Chrissie Hammond - vocals
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith - guitars
Phil Laughlin - bass
Tony Fernandez - drums and percussion
Musical director: Adam Wakeman
Produced by Rick Wakeman
Engineered and mixed by Stuart Sawney
All titles composed by Rick Wakeman
 1. Gnash  5:00
 2. Balance of Power  5:25
 3. Wings of Fortune  3:00
 4. Static  4:00
 5. The Party  4:00
 6. Wired For Sound  6:00
 7. Juliet  6:00
 8. Tubular Balls  5:00
 9. Carlos  6:00
10. The Love That I Know  4:00
11. The Jig  5:35
Comments: An enjoyable rock album, the music was written for an actual 
circus.  It does tend to get repetitious in places, although this was
probably necessary to coincide with the performers.  (***)
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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