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Album: Classic Rock—Out There: The Future of Prog Rock
Artist: various artists
2004 Classic Rock (Future Publishing Ltd.)
CD: ROC71-10-04

Performed by
Asia (1)
Spock's Beard (2)
Cave In (3)
Nektar (4)
Threshold (5)
Porcupine Tree (6)
Anathema (7)
IQ (8)
Amplifier (9)
Blackfield (10)
Opeth (11)
Caravan (12)
The Flower Kings (13)
Woolly Wolstenholme's Maestoso (14)

(P): 2004, except 2003 (2, 3, 7, 11, 12), 1997 (6)

1. What About Love [John Payne/Geoff Downes] (5:25) from Silent Nation
2. The Bottom Line [Nick D'Virgilio/Stan Ausmus] from Feel Euphoria
3. Youth Overrided [Cave In/S Brodsky] from Antenna
4. Always [Roye Albrighton] from forthcoming album Evolution
5. Static [Karl Groom/Richard West] from Subsurface
6. Sever [Steven Wilson] from Signify
7. Closer [D Cavanagh] from A Natural Disaster
8. You Never Will [Holmes/Orford/Nicholls/Cook/Jowitt] from Dark Matter
9. One Great Summer [Sel Balamir] from Amplifier
10. Open Mind [Aviv Geffen/Steven Wilson] from Blackfield
11. Hope Leaves [Mikael Akerfeldt] from Damnation
12. Revenge [Julian F G Hastings] from The Unauthorized Breakfast Item
13. Starlight Man [Roine Stolt] from Adam & Eve
14. Blood and Bones [Stuart J Wolstenholme] from Maestoso

Notes: Cover disc for the Oct 2004 issue of Classic Rock magazine (UK). The first track is the opener from Asia's Silent Nation and is reportedly a remix compared to the album version. It was also available on cover discs of two other magazines: issue #59 of Powerplay (UK) and an issue around the same time of Eclipsed (Germany). (HP, 19 Sep 04)

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