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Album: Concert Classics - Vol 4
Artist: UK
1999 Concert Classics (distributed by Renaissance Records, Inc.)
CD: RRCC00704

Band members:
Eddie Jobson: electric violin, keys
John Wetton: lead vocals, bass
Allan Holdsworth: guitars
Bill Bruford: kit drums, percussion

Recorded live in Boston, Massachusetts, 1978
Executive producer: Leon Tsilis
Engineered by Nick Archer
CD design and layout: John W Edwards

1. Alaska [Jobson] (1:33)
2. Time to Kill [Jobson/Wetton/Bruford] (7:17)
3. The Only Thing She Needs [Jobson/Wetton] (7:21)
4. Carrying No Cross [Jobson/Wetton] (9:59)
5. Thirty Years [Wetton/Jobson/Bruford] (10:03)
6. In the Dead of the Night [Jobson/Wetton] (7:50)
7. Caesar's Palace Blues [Jobson/Wetton] (4:30)

Notes: This album was released, but withdrawn very soon after following legal action by Jobson: the record company, it seems, had not secured all the rights to the material. Taken from UK's first tour, the album includes material from their first album, UK, and material that would later appear on their second studio album, by which time Bruford and Holdsworth had left the group for Bruford. I find the performances better than the studio albums, although the sound quality is not perfect (Wetton's vocals are the worst affected). (HP, 30 Aug 05)

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