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Title: Crossfire- A Salute To Stevie Ray
Artist: various artists
1996 Triage Records
CD: BB1 20312
Band Members:
Bass:  Billy Sherwood
Drums: Jay Schellen

1) Tightrope - Trevor Rabin (Lead & Rhythm Guitar), Ron Young (Vocal)
2) Cold Shot - Steve Stevens (Lead & Rhythm), Ron Young (Vocal)
3) Travis Walk - Steve Morse (Lead), Kevin Curry (Rhythm)
4) Empty Arms - Albert Lee (Lead & Rhythm), Dante Marchi (Vocal), Kevin
Curry                 (Rhythm)
5) Pride And Joy - John Sykes (Lead & Rhythm), Ron Young (Vocal)
6) Couldn't Stand The Weather - Scott Hill (Lead & Rhythm), Ron Young (Vocal)
7) Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up on Love - Mark Kendall (Lead), Ron Young (Vocal),
                                    Kevin Curry (Rhythm)
8) The House Is Rockin' - Doug Aldrich (Lead), Dante Marchi (Vocal),
                          Kevin Curry (Rhythm)
9) Honey Bee - Richie Kotzen (Lead), Dante Marchi (Vocal), Kevin Curry (Rhythm)
10) Say What! - Walter Trout (Lead & Rhythm)
11) Riviera Paradise - Stanley Jordan (Lead & Rhythm)
Thanks to David Leister for providing this information

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