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Single: Dark Horse
Artist: That'll Be The Day
2002 MCS Music

Vocals: Trevor Payne, Mark Street, Morgan Turner, Mike Read
Drums: Mark Street
Bass: John Payne
Guitar: Iain Hawkins
Keyboards: Clive Fishlock, Geoff Downes
Keyboard programming: Geoff Downes
Backing vocals: John Payne, Clive Fishlock

Produced by Geoff Downes and John Payne
Executive Producers: Trevor Payne, Colin Rozée & Mike Read
Engineered by John Payne
Assistant Engineer: Loz Williams

Recorded at Loco Studios, Glen Usk, South Wales

1. Dark Horse [Read] (3.51)

Notes: (*1/2) All royalties from this tribute to George Harrison are donated to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Musically, there is not much for the Asia fan (and even less for Yes fans) except the occasional vocal choir reminiscent of John Payne's attempts at aping the classic Wetton sound in Asia. (Ray Riethmeier, 14 May 02)

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