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Album: Delusions Of Grandeur
Artist: You Were Spiraling

Band Members:
Tom Brislin -vocals, keyboards, percussion. 
JP Doherty -guitars. 
Bob Hart -bass, guitar.
Sylvia Mincewicz -electric violin (2,3,4,7). 
Rajendra Sharma -drums (1,5,8). 
Jason Pharr -drums (2,3,7). 
Eric Nilla -drums (4). 
Gota Yashiki -"Groove Activator" drumloop sample (6).

Recorded by Rob Pashman, Plinky Giglio (1,5,8), 
You Were Spiraling (2,3,7), and Mike Klein (4). 
Mastered by Rob Pashman, and Andy Van Dette (4). 

Written and Produced by Tom Brislin except
4) Written by Brislin/Bob Hart and produced by Dave Johnson/Brislin

1 This Is The Road 
2 Excellent Body 
3 Lightning Twice 
4 Just a Phase 
5 Big Wheel 
6 Friendship Spelled Backwards Is Pihsdneirf 
7 Squirm 
8 Song 
9 This Is The Road [alone] 

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