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Single: Do They Know It's Christmas?
Artist: Band Aid
1984 Phonogram Ltd.
12": FEED 112

Musicians: Adam Clayton, Phil Collins (drums, vocals), Bob Geldof, Steve Norman, Chris Cross, John Taylor, Paul Young, Tony Hadley, Glenn Gregory, Simon Le Bon, Simon Crowe, Marilyn, Keren, Martin Kemp, Jody Watley, Bono, Paul Weller, James Taylor, George Michael, Midge Ure, Martin Ware, John Keeble, Gary Kemp, Roger Taylor, Sarah, Siobhan, Peter Briquette, Francis Rossi, Robert 'Kool' Bell, Dennis Thomas, Andy Taylor, Jon Moss, Sting, Rick Parfit, Nick Rhodes, Johnny Fingers, David Bowie, Boy George, Holly, Paul McCartney (bass, vocals)

Remixed by Trevor Horn (1)
Sleeve art: Peter Blake

Side A:
1. Do They Know It's Christmas? - 12" Mix [Geldof/Ure]

Side B:
2. Do They Know It's Christmas? [Geldof/Ure]
3. Feed the World [Geldof/Ure]

Notes: The famous charity single to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. Its story has been documented in many places and I won't try to summarise the whole thing here. You can still donate to the Band Aid Trust.

The project was led by Bob Geldof, who wrote the lyrics, but the music was more Midge Ure's. The song was recorded in one Sunday and Horn had made his Sarm West studio available for the event. Ure had approached Horn about producing the song, but Horn felt unable to do it in the timeframe available: the finished 7" mix had to be at the pressing plant by 8 a.m. the next morning. Instead, while Geldof organised the people, Ure produced the song. Horn, as many, many others, was present on the day and was in charge of some additional recordings for the 12" mix, which he did the next day. His own vocals may possibly be in the mix somewhere there too. (HP, 19 Dec 04)

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