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Album: Dragon Attack - a tribute to QUEEN 
Artist: various
1997 DeRock
Robin McAuley (1), James LaBrie (2,10), Adam (3), Jeff Scott Soto (4), Paul 
Shortino (5,6), Lemmy Kilmister (7), Glenn Hughes (8), Mark Boals (9), John 
Lead Guitar:
Chris Impellitteri (1), Marty Friedman (2), John Petrucci (3), Bruce Kulick 
(4), Bob Kulick (5), Robby Krieger (6), Ted Nugent (7), Jake E. Lee (8), Yngwie 
Malmsteen (9), Bruce Bouillet (10), Scott Ian (11), Zachary Throne (11)
Rhythm Guitar:
Marty Friedman (2), John Petrucci (3), Bob Kulick (4-8,10), Lemmy Kilmister 
(7), Yngwie Malmsteen (9), Bruce Bouillet (10)
Edward Harris Roth (1)
Michael Sherwood (4,6)
Ricky Phillips (1,4,10), Tony Franklin (2,6,8), Rudy Sarzo (3,7,9), Joey 
Vera (11)
Jay Schellen (1,5,10), Carmine Appice (2,6,8), Tommy Aldridge (3,7,9), Eric 
Singer (4), Jason Ian (11)
Additional Vocals:
Scott Ian, Jason Ian, Joey Vera & Zachary Throne (11)
Produced by Billy Sherwood
Recorded & Mixed by Billy Sherwood
 1. I Want It All (Mercury/May/Taylor/Deacon) 
 2. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor)
 3. Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon) 
 4. Save Me (May)
 5. We Will Rock You (May)
 6. We Are The Champions (Mercury)
 7. Tie Your Mother Down (May)
 8. Get Down Make Love (Mercury)
 9. Keep Yourself Alive (May)
10. One Vision (Mercury/May/Taylor/Deacon) 
11. It's Late (May)
Comments: About as far from Yes music as you can get, Billy Sherwood did 
utilize some of his prior collaborators on this tribute album.  His brother,
Michael Sherwood, was keyboardist and vocalist in Lodgic, and Jay Schellen was 
drummer for World Trade after their first album.
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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