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Single: Video Killed the Radio Star
Artist: Dragonheart
2004 ABACO Records
CD: 615 030-4

Band members:
Kc Jay: vocals
Tara: vocals
Niki: vocals
Vicci: vocals

Additional musicians:
Luke Herzog: strings
Joerg Hartig: guitar

Strings co-arranged by Herzog

Produced by Patrick Putzolu/Luke Herzog

Photos by Kerstin Wirth
Design by Massimo Peter

1. Video Killed the Radio Star (Radio Mix) (3:34)
2. Video Killed the Radio Star (Club Mix) (4:14)
3. Video Killed the Radio Star (Resurrected Radio Mix) (3:42)
4. Video Killed the Radio Star (Instrumental) (3:34)

written by T. Horn/G. Downes/B. Wolley [sic]

Notes: (*) Dragonheart (imagine the 'o' is shaped like a little heart) are a new girl band, sort of a Welsh B*witched. They are pretty bad. In fact, this CD is well into amusingly bad territory. It's a good song, "Video Killed the Radio Star", so it's hard to get it wrong. The music is OK, nothing special, but fine... but the vocals... They can't actually sing. Maybe I'm being harsh: they're OK most of the time, there are just lines where it all falls apart. The attempt at a coda, with a romantic warble of "You're my radio star", is particularly wrong.

The Club Mix is a bit more interesting, simply because it's not a familiar song butchered but something different. It almost works, but is too sparse to actually be something you would want to play in a club. The Resurrected Radio Mix is close to the Radio Mix, but with a bit more production punch. (HP, 1 Jun 05)

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