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Jon Anderson- Earthmotherearth
Album: Earthmotherearth
Artist: Jon Anderson
1997 ellipsis arts
CD:CD 4160

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Jane Luttenberger Anderson- duet vocals, spoken word, and lead vocals on 11
Kevin Day- bass and 12 string guitar
Bo Richards- bass on 1
Pierre Rosier- bass on 12
Tom Tierney- percussion
John Bartlet- guitar vignettes on 5
Eduardo Del Signore- bass on 5
Handsome Boys and his Pals- Birdsinging
Straggle Cat and Puss Cat Willum- meows

Produced by Jon Anderson
All tracks written by Jon Anderson.

01.  Time Has Come  04:35
02.  Harptree  02:12
03.  Take A Little Time Out  04:15
04.  Scraggle Cat And Puss Cat Willum  00:48
05.  Concerto Uno  05:35
06.  Harptree Too  01:54
07.  Concerto Due  07:08
08.  Harptree Tree  02:12
09.  That Crazy Wind  03:34
10.  Behind My Eyes  00:57
11.  Heaven Knows (Treehugging)  02:22
12.  Whalewatching  05:25
13.  Earthmotherearth  06:56
A nice acoustic album, very thoughtfully crafted. The entire album
was recorded digitally with mixed in nature sounds recorded from 
Jon's backyard. In some places, it even sounds like Olias Of Sunhillow.
A really nice surprise. ***

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