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The Yescography FAQ

Although I have no problem answering questions via e-mail, I have put the most common questions I am asked here. Please check here first before sending e-mail. Thanks!

Q. Why is this CD I have not included in the discography?

A. The most common reason for this is simply because I have not had time to add it. Yes has had thirteen different members. All of them have played in different bands and had solo releases. The amount of Yes related material out there is vast, and I have not heard all of it.

Another common reason is because the CD in question is a bootleg or an unofficial release. I have decided not to include these on this page since Steve Notoya's Boots From The Edge covers these quite well. I would only be duplicating his efforts.

If you have a non bootleg that is not included here, feel free to submit the material. Please use the format form to submit for submissions. Your entry will not be included if it is not submitted in the proper format.

Q. Is Jon Anderson's Animation or 3 Ships available on CD?

A. 3 Ships was released on CD in Japan but is out of print. Animation has never been officially released on CD anywhere, although bootleg copies do exist.

Q. Where can I find a certain CD?

A. The best place is record shows, or used record stores to find rare CDs. CD Now also has a good selection of CDs

Q. Is the Legend Soundtrack available on CD.

A. There are two version of that disc available. The newer one includes Jon Anderson's "Loved By The Sun", the older one does not. That song is on the cassette, however.

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