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EP: Feeling the Strain
Artist: Lee Griffiths
1999 ZTT Records Ltd

Lee Griffiths: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
George de Angelis: keys (1)
Henry Jackman: keys (3)
Livingstone Brown: bass
Earl Harvin: drums (1)
Lee G. Worral: drums (3)
Jamie Muhoberac: bass (1), keys (1)
Pablo Cook: percussion
Dave McCracken: programming

Produced by Trevor Horn/George de Angelis/Lee Griffiths (1), Lee Griffiths (2, 3)
Recorded at Sarm West, Sarm East, Sarm Workshops and Wessex Studios
Engineered by Stephen Fitzmaurice/Rich Lowe/Tim Weidner/Gregg Jackman/Steve Macmillan (1), Stephen Fitzmaurice (2, 3)
Mixed by Steve Macmillan (1), Stephen Fitzmaurice (2, 3)

1. Feeling the Strain (4:10)
2. Do It Again (2:52)
3. Funky Junky Monkey (2:55)

all tracks by Griffiths

Notes: It's the familiar ZTT team, including Magnification producer Weidner, behind this ZTT singer/songwriter. (HP, 26 May 03)

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