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Album: From The Beginning - The Greg Lake Retrospective
Artist: Greg Lake
1997 Rhino
CD: R2 72627

Band Members (on relevant tracks):
Greg Lake - vocals, guitar, bass
Geoff Downes - keyboards, programming (26,27)
Michael Giles - drums (27)

Produced and Engineered by Greg Lake & Geoff Downes (26,27)

Tracks: DISC 1
1. The Court of the Crimson King (McDonald/Sinfield)
2. Cat Food (McDonald/Fripp/Sinfield)
3. Knife-Edge (Emerson/Lake/Frazer/Janacek)
4. Lucky Man (Lake)
5. From the Beginning (Lake)
6. Take a Pebble (Lake)
7. Still (Brunton/Dolan/Jump/Mennie/Sinfield)
8. Still...You Turn Me On (Lake)
9. Jerusalem (Parry/Blake/arr. ELP)
10. Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression-Part 2 (Emerson/Lake)
11. I Believe in Father Christmas (Lake/Sinfield)
12. C'est La Vie (Lake/Sinfield)
13. Closer to Believing (Lake/Sinfield)
14. Watching Over You (Lake/Sinfield)
15. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Fripp/McDonald/Lake/Giles/Sinfield)

16. Nuclear Attack (Moore)
17. Love You Too Much (Dylan/Springs/Lake)
18. It Hurts (Lake)
19. Retribution Drive (Lake/Benyon/Eyre)
20. The Lie (Lake/Eyre/Benyon)
21. Let Me Love You Once (Dorff/Leiken)
22. Manoeuvres (Lake/Moore)
23. I Don't Know Why I Still Love You (Lake)
24. Touch and Go (Emerson/Lake)
25. Lay Down Your Guns (Emerson/Lake/Gould)
26. Love Under Fire (Lake/Downes)
27. Money Talks (Lake/Downes)
28. Black Moon (Emerson/Lake/Palmer)
29. Paper Blood (Emerson/Lake/Palmer)
30. Affairs of the Heart (Lake/Downes)
31. Daddy (Lake)
32. Heart on Ice (Lake/Olsen)

Comments: This collection gives a representative sampling of all phases of Greg Lake's career, from King Crimson to ELP, with solo material and an appearance on Pete Sinfield's solo album all featured. The highlight of this set for Yes fans is the inclusion of two tracks from Ride The Tiger, Lake's previously unreleased collaboration with Geoff Downes. "Love Under Fire" was subsequently recorded by Asia, and "Money Talks" was reworked by ELP as "Paper Blood." ELP's recording of the Lake/Downes tune, "Affairs of the Heart," is also included in this set.

submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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