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Album: It's About Time
Artist: Tadamitsu Saito
1994 Access Music label

Produced and Arranged by Mark Jeffrey.
All songs composed by T. Saito except "It's About Time", 
words by Jon Anderson and Mark Jeffrey, music by M. Jeffrey and Teja Bell,
and Time, music by M. Jeffrey and T. Bell.
Musicians: Lots of session musicians appear on the album, including Teja
Bell, Paul McCandless and Michael Manring

1. Doshyamo (Then and Now) (Jon Anderson: vocals) 4:32
2. Zen Forward 4:37
3. Cascadia (Jon Anderson: vocals) 2:40
4. Slumber Time 3:20
5. Dance of the Comet 2:30
6. Kindness Space 4:57
7. It's About Time (Jon Anderson: vocals) 4:10
8. Lake Towada 3:13
9. Bamboo Rain 5:17
10.All My Stars 3:24
11.Time and Being 3:50
12. Time 4:04

Very good New Age piano based music. Recorded in Dolby Surround.
Can be ordered from Access Music Label at 800-306-3008. Do not miss this

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