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Single: It's Alright
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
1989 EMI Records Ltd.
CD: CDR 6220

Additional musicians:
George De Angelis: keyboard programming (1, 4); assistant: Steve Fitzmaurice (1, 4)
Tessa Niles: additional vocals (1, 4)
Sally Bradshaw: additional vocals (1, 4)

Produced by Trevor Horn (1, 4), Pet Shop Boys (2, 3)
Engineered by Pete Schwier (1, 2, 4), Paul Wright (2), Danton Supple (3)

1. It's Alright (seven inch version) [Sterling Void]
2. One of the Crowd [Lowe/Tennant]
3. Your Funny Uncle [Tennant/Lowe]
4. It's Alright (extended version) [Sterling Void]

Notes: (*****) The single for Trevor Horn's classic production of the Pet Shop Boys cover of "It's Alright", although I prefer the even longer version on Introspective. (HP, 3 Mar 02)

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