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Album: Jack Frost: Music from the Motion Picture
Artist: various
1998 PolyGram
CD: 538 598-2

Performed by
Hanson (1, 7, 12)
The Jack Frost Band featuring Michael Keaton (2, 11)
Lisa Loeb (3)
Bob Carlisle (4)
Swirl 360 (5)
Spice Girls (6)
Jars of Clay (8)
Lucinda Williams (9)
Steve Poltz (10)
Fighting Gravity (13)
Trevor Rabin (14)

Arranged by Trevor Rabin (2)
Orchestrated, arranged and conducted by Tom Howard (4)
Vocals arranged by Mark Hudson (5)

Produced by Hanson and Elliot Scheiner (1, 7, 12), Trevor Rabin (2, 11, 14), Juan Patino and Lisa Loeb (3), Bob Carlisle (4), Mike Mangini (5), Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe (6), Steve Lipson (8), the twangtrust (9), J. Steven Soles (10), David Lowery (13)
Executive producer: George King (3), Steve Greenberg (5), Robert Beeson (8)
Vocals produced by Mark Hudson (5)
Additional recording and production by Roy Bittan (9)
Co-produced by Lucinda Williams (9)

Mixed by Tom Fletcher (2), Chris Trevett (3), Tom Lord-Alge (5), Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe (6), Steve Lipson (8), Larry Hirsch (10), Stan Katayama (11), David Lowery (13), Trevor Rabin (14)
Recorded by Tom Fletcher (2), Bill Deaton (3), Larry Hirsch (10), Stan Katayama (11), Trevor Rabin (14)
Engineered by Skoti-Alain Elliott (5), Heff Moraes (8)
Assistant engineers: Alex Chan and J. R. Rodriguez (3)

Executives in charge of music for Warner Bros.: Gary LeMel, Doug Frank
Executives in charge of music for Mercury Records: Dana Millman, Steve Greenberg
Music consultant: Jordan Sommers
Music editor: Will Kaplan

1. Gimme Some Lovin' [S. Davis/M. Winwood/S. Winwood] 2:48
2. Frosty the Snowman [S. Nelson/J. Rollins] 3:27
3. How [Loeb] 3:52
4. Father's Love [Carlisle/R. Thomas] 4:22
5. Hey Now Now [D. Scott/K. Scott/J. Shanks/S. Peiken] 4:42
6. Sleigh Ride [L. Anderson/M. Parish] 2:41
7. Good Lovin' [R. Clark/A. Resnick] 2:39
8. Five Candles (You Were There) [D. Haseltine/C. Lowell/S. Mason/M. Odmark] 3:51
9. Can't Let Go [R. Weeks] 3:32
10. Leavin' Again [Poltz] 2:31
11. Have a Little Faith [Rabin/Keaton] 4:00
12. Merry Christmas Baby [L. Baxter/J. Moore] 3:15
13. Wait for You [D. Triano/D. Peterson/S. McGee] 4:17
14. Frostbite [Rabin] 3:37

Comments: (***) A mix of rhythm 'n blues, folk and sap... a high point is Lisa Loeb's heart-felt "How"; a low, the lyrics of "Father's Love".

The film is about a singer/harmonica player, Jack Frost, played by Michael Keaton, who dies and is reincarnated as a snowman. It's what you would expect from a family Christmas film: never what one might call genre-busting, but pretty good, save perhaps for a particularly obvious ending. The keyboard player in the Jack Frost Band is one of the lead characters, played by Mark Addy, while the actual musician members are in the film credits as:

lead guitar: Trevor Rabin
violin: Lili Haydn
drummer: Louis Molino III
bass: Scott Colomby

The whole band, including Rabin, can be seen in two scenes at the beginning of the film: performing the old blues rocker "Frosty the Snowman", on which the story is loosely based, 'live' and 'recording' "Have a Little Faith". Rabin helped tutor Keaton in how to be a rock star: Keaton really sings (although I guess does not actually play the harmonica parts) and co-wrote the latter song with Rabin. "Have a Little Faith" is a good piece, another bluesy rocker, but with some distinctive riffs and a nice guitar solo from Rabin.

I think the best track on the album is the last: "Frostbite", based on the main theme of the actual score, manages to move from haunting to joyful in its three and a half minutes. Within the context of the film, the score is appropriate to the content: there are a few uplifting orchestral flourishes and some interesting variations on the main theme, but I think the track "Frostbite" represents the best material therein. The full score was released, but only as a promo album. The film credits for the music read:

Music editors: Will Kaplan, Tom Kramer
Assistant music editor: Olivia Patton
Music consultant: Jordan Sommers
Music production supervisor: Trevor Rabin
Music score mixer: Steve Kempster
Music score programming by Paul Linford
Orchestrators: Gordon Goodwyn, Don Harper, Jon Van Tongren
Conductors: Don Harper, Jon Van Tongren

Note also Yes alumnus Tom Fletcher working on "Frosty the Snowman" and Trevor Horn's colleague Steven Lipson producing Jars of Clay. Michael Sherwood's Tangle Town (as they are credited) also appear in the film, briefly, playing "Jingle Bell Rock" (J. Beal/J. Boothe), but didn't make it to the album. (HP, 24 Apr 01)

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