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Album: John Wetton - Geoff Downes - Asia - UK Compilation CD
Artist: Asia, UK, John Wetton & Geoff Downes
1997 Resurgence

John Payne (1,2,4,6,7)
Glenn Hughes (3)
John Wetton (5,8-14)

Geoff Downes (1-4,6,7,12,14)
Eddie Jobson (8,9)
Vic Emerson (10)
Bob Marlette (11)
John Beck (13)

Scott Gorham (1,2)
Steve Howe (4,7)
Vinny Burns (4,7)
Elliott Randall (6)
Allan Holdsworth (8,9)
Phil Manzanera (10)
Michael Landau (11)
Andy Skelton (13)
Pat Thrall (14)

Michael Sturgis (1,2,6)
Trevor Thornton (3,4,7)
Bill Bruford (8,9)
Alan White (10)
Michael Cartellone (11)
Bob Dalton (13)
Carl Palmer (14)

Percussion: Luis Jardim (6)

Background Vocals: Kevin Godley (10)

1. Boys From Diamond City (Asia)
2. The Higher You Climb (Asia)
3. Video Killed the Radio Star (Geoff Downes)
4. The Voice of Reason (Asia)
5. Christina (John Wetton)
6. Arena (Asia)
7. Who Will Stop the Rain (Asia)
8. 30 Years (U.K.)
9. In the Dead of Night (U.K.)
10. It's Just Love (Wetton/Manzanera)
11. Hold Me Now (John Wetton)
12. I Would Die For You (John Wetton/Geoff Downes)
13. Open Your Eyes (John Wetton)
14. Wildest Dreams (Asia)

Comments: This promotional sampler includes two tracks from the U.K. live album, IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, which was subsequently canceled prior to release. This is the only "legitimate" appearance of these live performances. Track 10 is misidentified by the liner notes as "One World."

submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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