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Album: Koobas
Artist: The Koobas
1969 / 2000 BGO Records [CD re-release]
CD: BGOCD487 [CD re-release]

Stuart Leathwood: lead vocals, guitar
Roy Morris: guitar, vocals (lead on 1)
Tony O'Reilly: drums
Keith Ellis: bass

Produced by David A. Paramor (1-10)
Recording engineer: GE Emerick (1-10)
Liner notes by Tony Stratton-Smith [1969], Alan Clayson [2000]

1. Royston Rose [Ellis/Morris]
2. Where are the Friends? [Ellis/Leathwood]
3. Constantly Changing [Ellis/Morris/Leathwood]
4. Here's a Day [Ellis/Morris/Leathwood]
5. Fade Forever [Ellis/Leathwood]
6. Barricades [Ellis/Stratton-Smith/Leathwood]
7. A Little Piece of My Heart [Blackwell/Scott]
8. Glod Leaf Tree [Ellis]
9. Mr. Claire [Leathwood]
10. Circus [Ellis/Leathwood]

bonus tracks on 2000 CD re-release:
11. Sweet Music
12. Face
13. Sally
14. Champagne & Caviar
15. Gypsy Fred
16. City Girl
17. First Cut is the Deepest
18. Walking Out

Notes: Originally released in 1969, Koobas was remastered and re-released with bonus tracks in 2000. The Koobas (originally The Kubas) began in Apr 1963 and released their debut single 'I Love Her' (b/w "Magic Potion") in Feb 1965 while managed by Brian Epstein. Epstein arranged for The Koobas to be the support on nine dates of The Beatles' final UK tour in Dec 1965. However, a positive critical reaction failed to translate into sales. There were two more singles, 'Take Me for a Little While' and 'You'd Better Make Up Your Mind', before the band switched to manager (and occasional lyricist) Tony Stratton-Smith.

Four more singles followed and are included as bonus tracks here in chronological order (A- then B-side), several of which—including (11), (13) and (17)—were covers. Continued poor singles sales saw the band split before the release of this, their only album. The album had been recorded over five days with Beatles engineer Emerick. (2) (b/w (1)) was released as a single in Europe.

Stratton-Smith went on to greater success managing Lindisfarne and then Genesis. Ellis joined Van Der Graf Generator for a short while, then Juicy Lucy, before a career playing sessions. (He played on a 1973 solo album from Paul Williams (ex-Juicy Lucy) along side Alan White.) Leathwood briefly worked with Gary Holton as Gary and Stu.

Tony O'Reilly was the band's second drummer, replacing the original John Morris. Straight after The Koobas, O'Reilly landed, but soon lost, the drumming stool in Yes. (HP, 31 May 03)

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