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Album: Liquid Tension Experiment
Artist: Liquid Tension Experiment
1998 Magna Carta
CD: MA-9023-2

Band Members:
Tony Levin: bass, Stick, NS electric upright bass
John Petrucci: guitars
Mike Portnoy: drums
Jordan Rudess: keyboards

Produced by Liquid Tension Experiment
Music by Liquid Tension Experiment

1.  Paradigm Shift (8:54)
2.  Osmosis (3:26)
3.  Kindred Spirits (6:29)
4.  The Stretch (2:00)
5.  Freedom of Speech (9:19)
6.  Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure (2:21)
7.  State of Grace (5:01)
8.  Universal Mind (7:53)
9-13.  Three Minutes Warning (28:31)

Comments: All instrumental album. "Three Minutes Warning" (tracks 9-13) is an improvised studio jam. They ran out of tape and the last few minutes are coming from one of the guys DAT recorder so therefore has a lower sound quality than the rest of the piece. (Martin Plamondon, 17 Jun 02)

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