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Album: Live in San Francisco 1998: The Roar of P4 [The King Crimson Collectors' Club 7]
Artist: ProjeKct Four
1999 Discipline Global Mobile

Robert Fripp: guitar
Tony Levin: basses, Stick
Trey Gunn: touch guitar, talker
Pat Mastelotto: electronic drums

Recorded at The 7th Note, San Francisco, 1 Nov 1998
Produced by Robert Fripp & David Singleton
Mixed by Pat Mastelotto & R. Chris Murphy (2-4), R. Chris Murphy (1, 5-7)
Digital sequencing by Alex R. Mundy
Mastered by David Singleton

Photos: John Sinks
Sleeve design: Hugh O'Donnell

1. Ghost [Fripp/Gunn/Levin/Mastelotto] (8:50)
2. Heavy ConstruKction [Belew/Fripp/Gunn; arr. by ProjeKct Four] (9:14)
3. Light ConstruKction [Belew/Fripp/Gunn; arr. by ProjeKct Four] (8:32)
4. Deception of the Thrush [Belew/Fripp/Gunn; arr. by ProjeKct Four] (9:04)
5. Seizure [Fripp/Gunn/Levin/Mastelotto] (13:36)
6. Ghost 3 [Fripp/Gunn/Levin/Mastelotto] (12:14)
7. ProjeKction [Fripp/Gunn/Levin/Mastelotto] (10:12)

Notes: The liner notes feature an introduction by Mastelotto and then extensive extracts from Robert Fripp's online Diary (including  a post to Guestbook by yours truly and Fripp's response). (HP, 7 Dec 03)

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