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Album: Live Mockba 09-X1-90
Artist: Asia
1991 Essential

Band Members: John Wetton - Lead Voice, Bass Guitar, Grand Piano (7), Acoustic Guitar (8)
Carl Palmer - Drums and Percussion
Geoff Downes - Keyboards and Harmony Vocals
Pat Thrall - Guitar and Harmony Vocals

Produced by Asia
Executive Producer: Bob Carruthers

1. Time Again (Wetton/Downes/Palmer/Howe)
2. Sole Survivor (Wetton/Downes)
3. Don't Cry (Wetton/Downes)
4. Keyboard Solo (Downes) includes Video Killed the Radio Star (Downes/Horn/Wooley)
5. Only Time Will Tell (Wetton/Downes)
6. Rock and Roll Dream (Wetton/Downes)
7. Starless (Wetton/Fripp/Palmer-James)
8. Book of Saturday (Wetton/Fripp/Palmer-James)
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Parts I & II) (Wetton)
10. The Heat Goes On (Wetton/Downes) includes Drum Solo (Palmer)
11. Go (Wetton/Downes)
12. Heat of the Moment (Wetton/Downes)
13. Open Your Eyes (Wetton/Downes)
14. Kari-Anne (Wetton/Downes)

Comments: "Kari-Anne" was an unreleased studio track from the aborted Japanese Asia project from 1987, featuring Scott Gorham on guitar, Michael Sturgis on drums, and a guitar solo by Francis Dunnery (who sang backing vocals on ABWH).

submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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