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Album: Mainhorse
Artist: Mainhorse
1971 - Licensed by Polydor; Mfd. by Import Records; Distrib by Jem
LP - IMP 1001

Band members:
Partick Moraz - Organ, Electric Piano, Piano, Glockenspiel,
Klaviosynthesiser, vocals
Peter Lockett - Lead guitar, vocals
Jean Ristori - Bass, Cello, vocals
Bryson Graham - Drums & Percussion

Produced and Arranged by Mainhorse

Introduction (Moraz, Lockett, Graham) 5:04
Passing Years (Moraz, Dave Kubinec) 3:51
Such a Beautiful Day (Moraz, Lockett) 4:39
Pale Sky (Ristori, Kubinec) 9:09
Basia (Moraz, Lockett) 5:27
More Teavicar (Moraz) 10:11
God (Moraz, Lockett) 0:17
Thanks to Kevin Rosenstein for providing this information.

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