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Album: Mary Jane Nation
Artist: various artists
1999 Indecent Music

1. We Do What We Want [performed by Skunk Werkz]
2. The Other Side [performed by Steve Glass]
3. Treasure [performed by Nineteen]
4. Orion [performed by &]
5. ======{////}
6. Bernal Heights [performed by Tim Kelly]
7. Gooiphiliac [performed by XIX]
8. The Question [performed by Carol-O]
9. Vaccuum Heart [performed by Make Lisa Rich]
10. God & Devil
11. of a Kind [performed by the Enlited Wonz]
12. Bigger Hit [performed by Caged Heat]
13. Honey [performed by Mascara]
14. thunder
15. Ganja Grow Mix [performed by Green Tara]
16. Breathe [performed by XIX]
17. Stoned O [performed by MAO Inhibitor]

Notes: Info from <>. Billed as 'music by musicians inspired by marijuana', this compilation is the CD debut for MAO Inhibitor, but who is MAO Inhibitor? For some time, the name has been used in connection with a collaboration between Igor Khoroshev and Carl Jacobson, but it seems that MAO Inhibitor here is purely Jacobson on his own without any involvement from Khoroshev. (HP, 25 Sep 02)

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