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Album: Masterpiece Guitars
Artist: Steve Howe and Martin Taylor
2002 TCG Records / 2003 P3 Music Ltd
CD: no catalog number / P3M006

Steve Howe: guitars (1, 3, 4, 6, 10, 13), bass guitar (10), harp guitars (17)
Martin Taylor: guitars (1-5, 7-9, 11-17), bass guitar (2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 14), harp guitars (17)
All instruments from the Chinery Collection

Produced by Steve Howe
Engineered by Dave Wilkerson
Executive Producer: Scott Chinery
Associate Producer: Steven Morris (not credited on the P3 Music release)
Recorded 1996

P3 Music release liner notes by Larry Acunto, Martin Taylor and Steve Howe

1. Two Teardrops [Howe/Taylor] (3:32)
2. No Pedestrians [Taylor] (3:30)
3. Smile [C Chaplin/J Turner/G Parsons] (2:57)
4. La Questa [Taylor] (1:39)
5. All the Things You Are [J Kern] (4:26)
6. Thought Waves [Howe] (3:12)
7. Thank Heaven for Little Girls [A Lerner/F Lowe] (3:27)
8. Ginger [Taylor] (4:23)
9. Blue Bossa featuring the Blue Guitars [K Dorham] (5:21)
10. Tailpiece [Howe] (4:47)
11. Cherokee Ridge [Taylor] (3:19)
12. The Sunshine of Your Smile [L Ray/L Cooke] (3:04)
13. Goofus [G Kahn/W King/W Harold] (2:06)
14. Moon River [J Mercer/H Mancini] (3:26)
15. Ae Fond Kiss/Farewell to Erin [arr. Taylor] (3:30)
16. Somewhere [L Bernstein] (2:46)
17. Harpnosis [Howe/Taylor] (4:47)

Notes: (***) After six years of delays prior to its release, my expectations were low for this album. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a delightful compilation of pieces that may become a favorite in my Steve Howe collection. "Tailpiece" alone is worth the purchase price.

The album was based around Scott Chinery's collection of vintage guitars and features about 60 of the instruments. Sadly Chinery died between the recording of this album and its eventual release. The album was first released in a limited edition form at the May 2002 Classic American Guitar Show before a more general release in Europe in 2003. (Ray Riethmeier, 17 Jun 02; additional notes by HP, 6 Apr 03)

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