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Single: Mr. Jones
Artist: Tom Jones
2002 V2/Seconds Out/Warner Music Vision/The Times
CD: VVR1021072P / LC01801 [promo]

Tom Jones: vocals
Robert Aaron: saxophone (1)
Curtis King: backing vocals (3)
Dennis Collins: backing vocals (3)
Alfonso Thornton: backing vocals (3)
Shelton Beckton: backing vocals (3)

Produced by Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonder Duplessis
Mixed by Andy Grassi (1, 3), Evan Rossiter (2). Assisted by Alan Mason (2)

1. Younger Days [Jean/Duplessis/Jones]
2. Whatever It Takes [Jean/Duplessis/Jones]
3. The Letter [Jean/Duplessis/Jones]
4. If Only I Knew—Live at Cardiff Castle [Rise Robots Rise/Trevor Horn/Tom Jones/Bruce Wooley]
5. Black Betty—Holiday—I Who Have Nothing (Medley) [Huddie Ledbetter—Jean/Duplessis/Jones—C. Donida/J. Lieber/M. Stoller]

CD-ROM video tracks:
6. If Only I Knew—Live at Cardiff Castle
7. Tom Jones International Video

"Black Betty" includes an extract from "Black Betty" by Leadbelly. "I Who Have Nothing" includes an extract from "I (Who Have Nothing)" by Tom Jones.

Notes: A promo given away with copies of The Times (London) on 2 Nov to promote Tom Jones' forthcoming album, Mr. Jones (tracks 1-3, 5), and DVD, "Tom Jones Live at Cardiff Castle" (tracks 4, 6). "If I Only Knew" is incorrectly credited on the sleeve to "Rise Roberts Rise"! (HP, 3 Nov 02)

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