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Artist: Chris Harwood
Title: Nice To Meet Miss Christine
1970 Birth

Band Members:
Christine- vocals, percussion
Tommy Eyre- percussion
Dave Lambert- guitar
Roger Sutton- bass
Peter York- percussion, drums
J. Key Boots- percussion, drums
Geoff Matthews- guitar
Mike Moran- guitar
Peter Banks- guitar
John Morgan- tambourine
Johnny Van Derrick- violin
Jeff Starrs- vocals
Richard Hall-Walker- vocals
Ian McDonald- flute, sax
The Designettes- vocals

1. Mama
2. Crying To Be Heard
3. Wooden Ships
4. Aint Gonna Be Your Slave
5. Question Of Time
6. Gotta Do My Best
7. Before You Right Now
8. Never Knew What Love Was
9. Flies Like A Bird


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