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Album: No Comment
Artist: Billy Sherwood
2003 Voiceprint

Billy Sherwood: drums, percussion, keys, fretted and fretless bass, electric guitars, steel guitar, acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo

Produced, recorded and mixed by Billy Sherwood at 4Tune's Room
Mastered by Ramon Briton

Photography & artwork by Michi Sherwood

1. Metaphors (3:14)
2. False Prophets (5:09)
3. Man Over Bored (3:58)
4. Dying Breed (4:13)
5. Everyday Life (4:03)
6. In the End (5:54)
7. The Pendulum Swing (2:37)
8. Merline's Undone (4:19)
9. Fortunes (4:50)
10. Empty Castle (11:53)
11a. Fireworks (4:03)
  b. silence (1:04)
  c. hidden instrumental (1:03)

all tracks written by Sherwood

Notes: Billy Sherwood's second solo album. At one point, the album was to have included a vocal by Jimmy Haun (Union guitarist). In the end, he does not appear, although he, Jay Schellen (World Trade) and Scott Walton are among those thanked in the liner notes. (HP, 7 Feb 04)

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