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Welcome to the related bands page. This page is a discography for other bands that have had Yes members in them. It only includes albums which Yes members have performed on. For example, King Crimson albums without Bruford would not be included. There will also be links to these bands from their respective band members pages.

Air Supply (Billy Sherwood)
Anderson/Khoroshev (Jon Anderson, Igor Khoroshev)
Hans Christian Anderson (Jon Anderson)
Art of Noise (Trevor Horn)
Asia (Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Tony Levin)
Badfinger (Tony Kaye)
Badger (Tony Kaye)
Bodast (Steve Howe)
Bruford (Bill Bruford)
Bruford/Moraz (Patrick Moraz, Bill Bruford)
Bill Bruford's Earthworks (Bill Bruford)
Buggles (Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes, Chris Squire)
Canto (Steve Howe)
Detective (Tony Kaye)
Empire (Peter Banks)
Flash (Peter Banks, Tony Kaye)
GTR (Steve Howe, Geoff Downs)
Happy Magazine (Alan White)
Paul Sutin with Steve Howe (Steve Howe)
In Crowd (Steve Howe)
Jon & Vangelis (Jon Anderson)
The Key (Billy Sherwood)
King Crimson (Bill Bruford, Tony Levin)
Lodgic (Billy Sherwood)
Mainhorse (Patrick Moraz)
Moody Blues (Patrick Moraz)
The Plastic Ono Band (Alan White)
Rabbitt (Trevor Rabin)
Refugee (Patrick Moraz)
Squire/Sherwood (Chris Squire, Billy Sherwood)
Strawbs (Rick Wakeman)
Syndicats (Steve Howe)
Tomorrow (Steve Howe)
UK (Bill Bruford)
Wakeman with Wakeman (Rick Wakeman)
The Warriors (Jon Anderson)
World Trade (Billy Sherwood)

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