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Album: Out in the Sun
Artist: Patrick Moraz
1977 Charisma
LP: CDS4007 [UK]; CD: VJCP-23031 [Japan], CDOVD445 [UK]

Patrick Moraz: keyboards, vocals
Ray Gomez: guitars
John McBurnie: vocals
Vivienne McAuliffe: vocals
Francois Zmirou: vocals
Wornell Jones: bass
Andy Newmark: drums

Produced by Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori
Engineered by Jean Ristori
Assisted by Erroll Maibach; tape op: Camille Broye
Recorded in Phonogram Studios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and (Aquarius) Studios, Geneva, Switzerland, Feb-Mar 1977

1. Out in the Sun [Moraz/McBurnie] (4:27)
2. Rana Batucada [Moraz] (5:33)
3. Nervous Breakdown [Moraz/McBurnie] (3:23)
4. Silver Screen [Moraz/McBurnie] (4:32)
5. Tentacles [Moraz/McBurnie] (3:32)
6. Kabala [Moraz] (4:57)
7. Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You [Moraz/Zmirou] (4:51)
8. Time for a Change (9:06)
    a) Time to Fly [Moraz]
    b) Big Bands of Ancient Temples [Moraz]
    c) Serenade [Moraz]
    d) Back to Nature [Moraz]

All music and themes composed, arranged and conducted by Moraz

Notes: (****) (HP, 7 Dec 03)

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