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Album: Pieces of the Sun
Artist: Tony Levin
2002 Narada Productions, Inc.
CD: Narada 72438-11626-2-0

Larry Fast: synths (1-7, 9-12), vocals (5)
Jesse Gress: electric guitar (all), acoustic guitar (3), vocals (4, 5)
Tony Levin: bass (1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12), Stick (1, 2, 4, 7, 9-11), acoustic bass (1), NS Electric Upright bass (1), cello (6, 8, 11), Omnichord (3), guitar (8), additional acoustic guitar (3), vocals (4, 5)
Jerry Marotta: drums (1-7, 9-12), Taos drum (8), percussion (5, 6), acoustic guitar (3), Omnichord (3), vocals (4, 5), sax (5, 9)
The California Guitar Trio (Bert Lams, Hideyo Moriya, Paul Richards): acoustic guitars (1)

Produced by Tony Levin
Recorded at Applehead Studios, Woodstock, NY
Robert Frazza: engineer.
Chris Bittner: assistant, ProTools

California Guitar Trio recorded at Wire Recording, Austin, TX. Bill Munyon: engineer
Premix and overdubs at Jerrsville Studio, Woodstock, NY. Doug Stringer: engineer

Mix engineer: Kevin Killer (1, 3-12), Todd Voss (2). Assistant: Matt Kane (1, 3-12)
Mastered by Trevor Sadler

1. Apollo [Levin] (6:49)
2. Geronimo [Levin/Fast/Gress/Marotta] (3:11)
3. Aquafin [Levin] (5:13)
4. Dog One [Peter Gabriel] (5:15)
5. Tequila [Levin/Chuck Rio] (5:20)
6. Pieces of the Sun [Levin/Marotta] (7:20)
7. Phobos [Fast] (7:08)
8. Ooze [Levin] (4:16)
9. Blue Nude Reclining [Levin/Fast/Gress/Marotta] (3:08)
10. The Fifth Man [Levin] (5:47)
11. Ever the Sun will Rise [Levin] (9:08)
12. Silhouette [Levin] (4:37)

Notes: The Japanese release has a different track order and a bonus track: "Pieces of the Sun", "Silhouette", "Dog One", "Apollo", "Tequila", "Blue Nude Reclining", "Phobos", "Ooze", "The Fifth Man", "Helios" [Levin], "Geronimo", "Aquafin", "Ever the Sun will Rise".

"Phobos" was originally recorded by Synergy (i.e. Larry Fast) in 1978. "Dog One" was originally recorded by Peter Gabriel—with Levin, Fast and Marotta—but never released by him. "Tequila" is a surprise cover.

Pieces of the Sun was recorded with the touring band to support Levin's last release, Waters of Eden. ("Pieces of the Sun" was played live on that tour.) It represents something of a change in style to Waters of Eden: this is a prog rock album in the more familiar vein. Good stuff. (HP, 3 Aug 02)

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