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Album: RainSong Graphite Guitar Sampler 
Artist: various
1995 RainSong
CD: 3857J
"The music on this CD was recorded entirely using RainSong Graphite guitars.
Flamenco:    Robert Longley (1,2)
Classical:   Lee Eisenstein (3,4,17) 
WindSong:    John Laraio (5-7,16)
             Julius Somfai (8,13) 
             Jeffrey K. Gomes (10,12)
             Tal Herzberg (15)
StageSong:   Fredy Ramos (5)
             Jon Anderson (7,15)
             Julius Somfai (13) 
             John Laraio (15)
Acoustic:    Eduardo Del Signore (5)
             Mike Reilly (15) 
PowerSong:   Davo (8,12)
Dreadnought: Uncle Sol Kawaihoa (9,11)
             Steve Loo (10,12)
             Chad K. Lindsey (10,12) 
             Julius Somfai (13)
StormSong:   Jay Levy (14)
percussion:  Ivan Krillzarin (8,13)
Produced and recorded by Davo Productions
Also produced and recorded by Audio Media; Jon Anderson;
 Jalevy Music; Richard Longley; All Music.
 1. The Four Horsemen (Robert Longley) 1:59 
 2. Tarantas (Robert Longley) 3:52
 3. Prelude in G Major (J.S. Bach) 4:35 
 4. Allegro Partita in G (Teleman) 1:22 
 5. Survival (Jon Anderson) 2:53
 6. A Heart Away (John Laraio) 4:50
 7. A Walk with Brian (John Laraio) 3:14 
 8. Beachwalk (Julius Somfai) 2:21
 9. Hawaiian traditional slack key medley 2:57
10. Five Minutes to Hana 3:20
11. Hawaiian traditional slack key medley 3:01 
12. H1 West 3:12
13. Magic Island (Julius Somfai) 3:37 
14. RainSong Blues (Jay Levy) 3:42
15. G. Jam 0:51
16. Side Staged (John Laraio) 1:48
17. Marlene's Dream (Lee Eisenstein, Al Thomas, arranger) 2:48
Comments: Jon Anderson is listed as performing only on tracks 7 and 15.  
However, since Yes' "Survival" makes an appearance on this collection -- and 
features a couple of Anderson's frequent collaborators -- one has to wonder 
whether he also played on the track.  This disk was cited in Yes Magazine as 
featuring two other Anderson compositions: "A Heart Away" (track 6) and "A 
Walk with Bear" (likely a reference to track 7).  The liner notes credit both of 
these tracks to John Laraio, so Anderson's actual input into these songs 
remains unclear.
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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