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Album: Slave to the Rhythm
Artist: Grace Jones
1985 Island Records Ltd./ZTT
CD: IMCD 65 842 612-2

Grace Jones: vocals
Ian McShane: spoken word
Louis Jardim: bass, percussion, vocal hi hat
J. J. Belle: rhythm guitar
S. J. Lipson: lead guitar, bass, keyboards, Synclavier programming
Bruce Woolley: keyboards, backing vocals, guitar
Andrew Richards: keyboards
William "Ju Ju" House: drums
Reginald "Little Beats" Daughtry: percussion
Timothy "Shorty Tim" Glover: percussion
The Wall of Men (featuring Glen Gregory, John Sinclair, Gary Maughan)
The Zang Tuum Tumb Big Beat Colossus
    conducted, directed and arranged by Richard Niles
        Frank Ricotti: percussion
        John Thirkel: trumpet
        Guy Barker: trumpet
        Stuart Brooks: trumpet
        Pete Beachill: trombone
        Geoff Perkins: bass trombone
        Jamie Talbert: alto sax
        Phil Todd: alto sax
        Stan Sultzman: tenor sax
        Dave Bishop: tenor sax
        Andy McIntosh: baritone sax
        John Pigneguey: French horn
        David Snell: harp
        Tessa Niles: backing vocals
        The Ambrosian Singers: choir (John McCarthy: choir master)
        Gavyn Wright: string leader

Produced by Trevor Horn
Assisted by S. J. Lipson
Engineer: S. J. Lipson

Front cover by Jean Paul Goude

1. Jones The Rhythm (5:24)
2. The Fashion Show (4:05)
3. Operattack (2:17)
5. The Frog and The Princess (7:34)
6. The Crossing (ooh the action...) (4:51)
7. Don't Cry—It's Only The Rhythm (2:48)
8. Ladies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones (4:28)

Written by Bruce Woolley, Simon Darlow, Steven Lipson and Trevor Horn
Text: extracts from "The Annihilation of Rhythm" by I. Penman

Notes: (***) Fashion supermodel Grace Jones became a ZTT project with this strange concept album. There is only really one song, as such, here, "Slave to the Rhythm", which is re-arranged and distorted to produce further tracks, alongside experimental pieces in the style of the Art of Noise. There are several familiar ZTT names here—like Lipson, Jardim, Niles, Richards—and note ex-Buggle Bruce Woolley, who continued to work with Grace Jones on subsequent projects. (HP, 23 Jun 02)

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