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Album: The Dreaming
Artist: Kate Bush
1982 EMI
CD: CDP7463612

Band members:
Kate Bush: vocals, piano, synthesizers
Jimmy Bain: bass
Iain Bairnson: guitars
Paddy Bush: mandolin, backing vocals
Stuart Elliott: drums
Preston Heyman: drums
Alan Murphy: guitar
Del Palmer: bass

Additional musicians:
Geoff Downes: synth brass (1)
Sean Keane: fiddle (7)
Liam O'Flynn: uileann pipes (7), pennywhistle (7)
Donal Lunny: bouzouki (7)
Eberhard Weber: bass (9)
and others

Produced by Kate Bush

1. Sat in Your Lap (3:29)
2. There Goes a Tenner (3:25)
3. Pull Out the Pin (5:26)
4. Suspended in Gaffa (3:55)
5. Leave It Open (3:20)
6. The Dreaming (4:41)
7. Night of the Swallow (5:23)
8. All the Love (4:23)
9. Houdini (3:49)
10. Get Out of My House (5:25)

All tracks written by Kate Bush

Notes: One of the finest by Kate Bush. Geoff Downes plays the synth brass on a Fairlight CMI; a brief, but perceptible appearance. (Marco Passarello, 19 May 03)

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