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King Crimson- The Night Watch
Album: The Night Watch
Artist: King Crimson
1997 Discipline Global Mobile
CD: DGM97072

Band Members:
Bill Bruford- drums
David Cross- violin, viola, mellotron
Robert Fripp- guitar, mellotron
John Wetton- bass, vocals

Recorded at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw on Nov. 23, 1973
Disc One
01.  Easy Money  06:15
02.  Lament  04:14
03.  Book Of Saturday  04:08
04.  Fracture  11:28
05.  The Night Watch  05:27
06.  Improv: Starless And Bible Black  09:13
Disc Two
01.  Improv: Trio  06:09
02.  Exiles  06:37
03.  Improv: The Fright Watch  06:03
04.  The Talking Drum  06:34
05.  Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part Two  07:51
06.  21st Century Schizoid Man  10:40

Comments: (***) Another live album from the "The Great Deciever " era. Lots
of improvs. If you like that stuff, you'll love this album. Disc 2 is an 
enhanced CD which has a multimedia catalog of other Discipline Global
Mobile releases.

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