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Album: The Sound of Surprise
Artist: Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2001 Discipline Global Mobile
CD: DGM0101

Bill Bruford: drums
Steve Hamilton: piano
Patrick Clahar: tenor and soprano saxophones
Mark Hodgson: bass

Produced by Bill Bruford
Recording engineer: Mark Chamberlain
Assistant engineers: Tom Davidson, Nick Coplowe
Mastering engineer: David Singleton

Recorded and mixed at Livingston Studios, London, Nov 2000

1. Revel Without a Pause [Bruford/Hamilton] (7:33)
2. Triplicity [Bruford/Hamilton] (6:22)
3. The Shadow of a Doubt [Bruford/Hamilton] (6:07)
4. Teaching Vera to Dance [Bruford] (8:14)
5. Half Life [Bruford] (5:18)
6. Come to Dust [Bruford/Hamilton] (9:56)
7. Cloud Cuckoo Land [Bruford] (6:05)
8. Never the Same Way Once [Bruford] (7:22)
9. The Wooden Man Sings, and the Stone Woman Dances [Bruford] (7:42)
    a. Prelude (2:03)
    b. The Wooden Man Sings (3:33)
    c. ... And the Stone Woman Dances (2:06)
9. Live concert (video track)

Notes: (HP, 3 Mar 02)

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