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Album: The Unknown
Artist: Conspiracy
2003 InsideOut Music
CD: SPV 087-65782 CD

Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Billy Sherwood: guitars, keys, vocals
Jay Schellen: drums, percussion
Jimi Haun: additional guitar (8)
Jordan Berliant: additional guitar (4)
Michael Sherwood: additional keys (3, 8)

Produced by Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire
Recorded & mixed by Billy Sherwood at The Office
Mastered by Chris Solem
Artwork & design by Bob Cesca

1. Conspiracy [B. Sherwood/Squire] (5:05)
2. Confess [B. Sherwood/Squire] (4:37)
3. New World [B. Sherwood/Squire] (7:22)
4. 1/2 a World Away [B. Sherwood/Squire] (5:48)
5. There is No End [B. Sherwood/Squire] (5:15)
6. The Wheel [B. Sherwood/Squire] (5:27)
7. Premonitions [B. Sherwood/Squire] (4:10)
8. The Unknown [B. Sherwood/Squire/Haun/M. Sherwood] (11:21)

bonus track:
9. I Could [B. Sherwood/Squire] (4:22)

Notes: The second album from Chris Squire and Billy Sherwood under the name Conspiracy, The Unknown is a concept album around the events of September 11 and their aftermath, the lyrics representing a marked shift compared to the pacific tone of prior Sherwood or Squire-penned words. In 2000, not long after his departure from Yes, Sherwood announced a project entitled The Unknown involving Jimmy Haun (Union session guitarist), brother Michael Sherwood, Jay Schellen (World Trade), Jonathan Elias (Union producer) and others; Billy said the music would be "in the style of The Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Yes". Little was subsequently heard about the project, which I presume failed to get anywhere, but it appears to be the source of at least the title and the title track of this album. Also guesting is Magnification executive producer and Yes's manager, Jordan Berliant, while Magnification/"Symphonic Live" artist Bob Cesca does a striking set of images of an industrial dystopia for the cover and booklet.

The intial pressing of the album is in DigiPack form with a bonus track, "I Could", an alternate version of the first half of "Finally" on The Ladder. (HP, 31 Jul 03)

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