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Album: This is It
Artist: Dylan Howe
2004 OT Records
CD: RIZCD 27003

Dylan Howe: drums, piano (10)
Brian Edwards: alto saxophone (1-9, 11)
Frank Harrison: piano (1-9, 11)
Andy Crowdy: bass (1-9, 11)
Steve Howe: guitar (9)
John Etheridge: guitar (9)
Luiz de Almeida: guitar (11)
Ben Castle: tenor saxophone (11)

Produced by Dylan Howe
Executive producers: David Carr, Claire Fargeot
Recorded at MarkAngelo Studios, London (28-9 Jan & 3 Feb 2004)
Recording engineer: Kevan Gallagher
Assistant engineer: Tom Kelly
Mixed by Kevan Gallagher
Mastered by Duncan Cowell

Photography by Alex Valentine, David Sinclair
Design by Alex Hutchinson
Liner notes by Bill Bruford

1. Fuchsia Swing Song [Sam Rivers] (4:39)
2. And What If I Don't [H. Hancock] (4:17)
3. Teeni [D. Howe] (4:48)
4. Can We Whisper [D. Howe] (3:55)
5. Beyond All Limits [Woody Shaw] (5:43)
6. Duke Ellingtons Sound of Love [C. Mingus] (4:48)
7. Proper Noun [D. Howe/P. Parnell] (7:02)
8. Beatrice [S. Rivers] (7:38)
9. I'll Take Les [J. Scofield] (9:41)
10. Unitune [D. Howe] (2:56)
11. Dance [L. Almeida/D. Howe] (5:44)

Notes: Dylan's second album. As his former teacher, Bill Bruford, says in the liner notes, "Howe's music is firmly based in the classic two-horns-plus-rhythm sound of the golden age of Hard Bop from the mid 1950s to the mid 1960s." (HP, 8 Dec 04)

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