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Album: Time Code
Artist: Patrick Moraz
1984 Passport
Cass: PBC 6039

Band Members:
Patrick Moraz - All instruments & chants, programming
John McBurnie - Lead vocals and harmonies
John Avila - Bass and vocals (1,5,9) & lead vocals (9)

Additional Musicians:
Gregory Scott Alban - Drums (1,5,9)
Kitty Bruce - Lead vocals (7)
Lyn 'Cecil' Collins - Additional backing vocals (1,5,7,9)
Bill Bruford - Additional Simmons drums (4)
Gregg Jackman - Additional chanting vocals (3)

Produced by Patrick Moraz and Barry Radman
Engineering & Programming by Barry Radman
All titles by P. Moraz and J. McBurnie except (7) by P. Moraz (music & lyrics) and (6) instrumental ballet by P. Moraz

1. No Sleep Tonight (Includes "Take Off")
2. I Want U
3. Beyond the Pleasure
4. Life in the Underworld
5. Overload
6. Black Brains of Positronic Africa
7. Elastic Freedom (In Search Of)
8. Shakin' with the Passion
9. You Are the Vision of My Dream

Comments: This album is definitely a product of the 1980's, with more of a pop sound than would be expected from Moraz. Special thanks are given to the Moody Blues' "Justin, John, Graeme & Ray," among many others. (**)

submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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