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Album Title: Time Machine
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1988 President Records

Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Tony Fernandez: drums and percussion
Davey Paton: bass
John Knightsbridge; guitar (4 & 9)
Roy Wood: vocal (1)
John Parr: vocal (2 & 9)
Tracey Ackerman: vocal (3, 5, & 60
Ashley Holt: vocal (4 & 8)

Produced by Rick Wakeman and John Burns

1. Custer's Last Stand (4:05)
2. Ocean City (4:04)
3. Angel of Time (4:51) *
4. Slaveman (6:45) *
5. Ice (4:53)
6. Open up Your Eyes (9:57) *
7. Elizabethan Rock (3:15)
8. Make Me a Woman (5:01) *
9. Rock Age (8:38) *

   * "Extended CD versions not available on LP," it says here.

Comments: Rick tries rocking out again. I prefer thre Silent Nights 
recording. A variety of guest vocalists make guest appearances. I say 
let Tracey Ackerman sing more.  There are some very exciting moments 
in the "Angel of Time", the instrumental closing of "Ice", and the 
instrumental introduction of "Open Up Your Eyes" which are not 
recommended to the hit-single-impaired.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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