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Album: Touchpaper [a.k.a. Touch Paper]
Artist: Claire Hamill
1984 / 2000 Blueprint Records (Voiceprint) [CD re-release]
CD: BP306CD [CD re-release]

Musicians include:
Claire Hamill
Steve Gould
Gary Numan
Simon Phillips: drums
Ronnie Leahy: keys
Moris Pert: percussion
John Giblin: bass
Alan White: drums (9)

1. The Moon is a Powerful Lover
2. Denmark
3. 2 Fools in a Storm
4. First Night in New York
5. Come Along Brave Lads
6. Jump
7. In the Palm of My Hand
8. Gonna be the One
9. Ultra Violet Light
10. Once is Not Enough

Notes: This Voiceprint CD re-release has lyrics, but no liner notes as to who wrote, performed or produced the music. Voiceprint's promotional material claimed Chris Squire played on the album, but that appears to be an error. However, Alan White does appear on (9), originally a 1980 b-side.

Singer Hamill comes from a common musical scene (if not style) as Yes and she had previously worked with Chris Squire (unreleased sessions from 1974) and Steve Howe, while four musicians here—Phillips, Leahy, Pert, Giblin—also played on Jon Anderson's Song of Seven. (HP, 1 Jun 03)

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