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Album: Treason
Artist: Treason
1997 Treason Productions International
CD: S70906-17

Band members:
Brian Michalski: lead & backing vocals
Ted Stockwell: Hammond, piano, synthesizers, programming, backing vocals
Karl Haug: acoustic, electric & slide guitars, mandolins
Pete Stern: drums, drum & percussion programming
Jim Dixon: bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Alan White: drums (2)
Billy Sherwood: bass (6, 9)
Segrid Lee: backing vocals (8)

Produced by Ted Stockwell & Brian Michalski
Engineered by Ted Stockwell
Additional engineering by Brian Michalski, Lloyd Walker
Mixed by Billy Sherwood at The Office
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt

All songs arranged by Michalski/Stockwell/Haug/Stern/Dixon

1. funeral for a dog (Stockwell)
2. bus stop door (Michalski/Stockwell)
3. too late (Stockwell/Michalski/Haug)
4. dusty chair (Michalski)
5. collecting hearts (the coyote story) (Michalski/Stockwell/Haug)
6. mantra (Stockwell)
7. truce (flyin' blind) (Stern/Haug/Michalski/Stockwell)
8. the road (Michalski/Stockwell)
9. devil's den (Michalski/Haug/Stern/Stockwell)
10. break it (Stockwell)
11. push (Michalski/Stockwell)
12. funeral (Stockwell)

Notes: Aggressive. Moody. A very classy, professional album in a style reminiscent of Collective Soul, only better. The liner notes include special thanks to Yes, among many others. Various members of Yes were announced to be appearing on the band's subsequent album, but this did not come to pass in the end. Stockwell has engineered for Yes and claimed to have been Khoroshev's understudy on the Open Your Eyes tour, Japanese leg (given concerns over Khoroshev's visa status). However, such comments from Stockwell seem to have been exaggerations. Later, Stockwell and Haug would both end up in Alan White's eponymous band White, but Stockwell was out after only a few live shows. (Ray Riethmeier; additional info HP, 1 May 05)

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