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Album: Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000
Artist: various artists
2000 Uncut
CD: UG-22 28

Produced by  Paul Ebersold (2), Swan Dive (3), Paul Kolderie/Sean Slade/Buffalo Tom (4), Mary Lorson (5), Johnny Marr (6), Grand Drive (7), Peter Hook/David Potts (8), Cousteau with Professor Don Samson & Spike (10), Gary Numan (11), Warne Livesy (13), Lewis Taylor (14), Trevor Horn (15), Shaun Hira/Jonathan Barrett/The Chameleons (17)
Directed: Pete Wingfield (12)
Recorded by Dylan Magirek, Joe Goldring & Mark Needham (16)
Engineered: Barry Hammond (12)
Engineer & production assistant: Stephen Lipson (15)
Arranged and conducted by George Tipton (9)

Compiled: Roy Carr & Allan Jones
Design: Kerrin Hands
Production: Robin Allan & Mick Meikleham
Mastering engineer: Andrew Thompson

1. Willard Grant Conspiracy: Notes from the Waiting Room [Fisher/Austin] from Everything's Fine
2. Slobberbone: Gimme Back My Dog [Best] from Everything You Thought was Right was Wrong Today
3. Swan Dive: Rome Will Fall [DeMain] from Swan Dive
4. Buffalo Tom: Taillights Fade [Buffalo Tom] from A Sides from Buffalo Tom 1988-1999
5. Saint Low: Crash [Lorson] from Saint Low
6. Johnny Marr's Healers: The Last Ride [edit] [Marr] from (then) as yet untitled album due later in the year
7. Grand Drive: Sleepy [J & D Wilson] from True Love and High Adventure
8. Monaco: End of the World [Hook/Potts] from Monaco
9. Harry Nilsson: I Guess the Lord Must be in New York City [Nilsson] from Harry
10. Cousteau: She Don't Hear Your Prayer [Moor] from Cousteau
11. Gary Numan: Rip [Numan] from Pure
12. Dexys Midnight Runners: I Couldn't Help It If I Tried [Rowland/Paterson] from Searching for the Young Soul Rebels (20th anniversary remaster)
13. The Arlenes: Stuck on Love [Big Steve] from Border Cafe
14. Lewis Taylor: You Make Me Wanna [Taylor/Gondwe] from Lewis Taylor II
15. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: War [Strong/Whitfield] from Maximum Joy
16. Mark Kozelek: Find Me, Ruben Olivares [Kozelek] from Rock 'n' Roll Singer
17. The Chameleons: Soul in Isolation [The Chameleons] from Strip

Notes: A compilation released with the Oct 2002 issue of UK magazine Uncut. It includes "War" from Welcome to the Pleasuredome, but linked here with the then new compilation Maximum Joy. (HP, 25 Dec 03)

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