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Album: Vox Humana
Artist: Geoffrey Downes - The New Dance Orchestra
1992 Jimco
1995 Blueprint (rerelease)
CD: JICK-89127

Band Members:
Geoff Downes - Keyboards
Trevor Thornton - Drums

Vocals by:
Max Bacon (1)
Sally-Ann Triplett (3)
John Payne (4,12)
Emma Stace (5)
Andy Skelton (6)
Mike Wilson (7)
Johnny Warman (9)
Sonia Morgan-Jones (10)
Steve Overland (11)

Produced by Geoffrey Downes and Gary Stewart

1. Tears (Downes/Warman) 4:49
2. Video Killed the Radio Star (Downes/Horn/Woolley) 3:34
3. Roads of Destiny (Downes) 4:37
4. Plastic Age (Downes/Horn) 4:36
5. Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod/Downes/Stace) 5:37
6. Network (Downes/Warman) 4:47
7. All of the Time (Downes/Warman) 4:23
8. Concerto (Downes) 3:00
9. Satellite Blues (Downes/Warman) 4:50
10. England (Downes/Warman) 2:38
11. Moon Under the Water (Downes/Warman) 4:20
12. White Car (Downes/Horn/Howe/White/Squire) 2:56
13. Adagio (Albinoni/Giovanni/Downes) 3:07

Comments: Steve Howe is credited with guitar on track 8, but he denies performing on the album; his name has since been deleted from subsequent re-releases. Many of the songs on this fine album were later reworked by Asia on their ARCHIVA albums. Unlike the Jimco release, the recent Voiceprint re-release has added vocals on "Video Killed the Radio Star" by Glenn Hughes. (***)

submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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