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Asia- Aqua
Album: Aqua
Artist: Asia
1992 Pyramid
CD: R2 71833

Band Members:
Geoff Downes- keyboards and vocals
Steve Howe- acoustic guitars, mandolin, pedal steel, electric 12 string, dobro
Carl Palmer- drums and percussion
John Payne- vocals, bass, guitar
Al Pitrelli- guitars

Additional Musicians:
Anthony Glynne- guitars
Simon Phillips- drums
Nigel Glocker- drums

Produced by Geoff Downes

1.  Aqua I  02:26
2.  Who Will Stop The Rain (Downes/Warman/Woolfenden) 04:35
3.  Lay Down Your Arms (Downes/Payne/Hart) 04:14
4.  Heaven On Earth (Payne/Nye) 04:54
5.  Someday (Downes/Warman) 05:49
6.  Crime Of The Heart (Downes/Warman) 05:57
7.  A Far Cry (Downes/Payne/Hart/Mitchell) 05:30
8.  Back In Town (Downes/Payne) 04:09
9.  Don't Call Me (Downes/Warman) 04:55
10.  Love Under Fire (Downes/Lake) 05:14
11.  The Voice Of Reason (Downes/Payne) 05:36
12.  Aqua II  02:10

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