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Asia- Astra
Album: Astra
Artist: Asia
1985 Geffen
LP: GEF 26413
CD: CDGEF 26413

Band Members:
Geoff Downes - keyboards
Mandy Meyer - guitars
Carl Palmer - drums
John Wetton - vocals and bass guitars

Go (Wetton/Downes) (4:06)
Voice Of America (Wetton/Downes) (4:26)
Hard On Me (Wetton/Downes/Palmer) (3:55)
Wishing (Wetton/Downes) (4:15)
Rock And Roll Dream (Wetton/Downes) (6:51)
Countdown To Zero (Wetton/Downes) (4:14)
Love Now Till Eternity (Wetton/Downes) (4:10)
Too Late (Wetton/Downes/Palmer) (4:11)
Suspicion (Wetton/Downes) (3:46)
After The War (Wetton/Downes) (5:09)
Thanks to Francois Angers for providing this information

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