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King Crimson- B'Boom
Album: B' BOOM Official Bootleg- Live In Argentina
Artist: King Crimson
1995 Discipline
CD: DGM 9503

Band Members:
Adrian Belew- guitar, vocals
Bill Bruford- acoustic and electric percussion
Robert Fripp- guitar, soundscapes, mellotron
Trey Gunn- stick, vocals
Tony Levin- bass, vocals
Pat Mastelotto- acoustic and electric percussion

Produced by King Crimson.
Music by King Crimson; Lyrics by Adrian Belew

 1.  VROOOM 07:06
 2.  Frame By Frame  05:24
 3.  Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream  04:48
 4.  Red  06:08
 5.  One More Time  05:35
 6.  B'Boom  06:48
 7.  THRAK  06:28
 8.  Improv- Two Sticks  01:25
 9.  Elephant Talk  04:25
10.  Indiscipline  07:20
11.  VROOOM VROOOM  06:18
12.  Matte Kudasai  03:36
13.  The Talking Drum  05:44
14.  Lark's Tongues In Aspic Part II  07:31
15.  Heartbeat  03:51
16.  Sleepless  06:05
17.  People  05:22
18.  B'Boom (reprise)  04:16
19.  THRAK  05:33

Comments: Tony Levin, when discussing a recent concert, said jokingly
that he couldn't concentrate because someone kept banging things
behind him (Bill Bruford). Unfortunately he was right, since a good deal of
this live set is nothing more than pure noise. The track Thrak which they
insist on playing twice falls into this headache category. I wouldn't even
call it music! This is a very repetitive album as well. Not only are songs
like Thrak and VROOOM repeated twice (as they were on the original
album) but many songs are constructed in a way where they repeat the
same two note phrase over and again (Thrak). Even "classics" like Red
and Larks Tongues In Aspic fall prey to this repeating syndrome. However
somewhere in between the tracks of pure noise there is some 
downright excellent material. Tracks like Frame By Frame, One Time,
Elephant Talk, Matte Kudasai, Heartbeat, and People show Crimson
really shining. It's worth the price even if it's necessary to program your
CD player to skip all the noise. (***)

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