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Artist: Trevor Rabin
Album: Beginnings
1978 RPM
LP: 1122

Trevor Rabin: all instruments, except as noted below
Kevin Kruger: percussion
Godfrey Rabin: violin (3, 5)

1. Getting to Know You Better
2. Stay with Me
3. I Love You
4. Love Alone
5. Lovelife
6. Fantasy
7. Painted Picture
8. Could There Be
9. Live a Bit
10. Red Desert

all songs composed by T. Rabin

Notes: This was Rabin's debut solo album as first released in South Africa. With some changes, it was subsequently released internationally as Trevor Rabin. The Trevor Rabin version of the album was, confusingly, subsequently re-released under the Beginnings name by Voiceprint in 2003.

Godfrey is Trevor's father. (HP, with information provided by Don J. Thorpe, 8 Feb 03)

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