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Trevor Rabin- Can't Look Away

Album: Can't Look Away
Artist: Trevor Rabin
1989 Elektra
CD: 9 60781-2

Band members:
Trevor Rabin: all instruments other than drums, lead vocals, backing vocals (2, 3, 5, 7-9)
Lou Molino III: drums (1-3, 8, 11)
Duncan Faure: backing vocals (2, 3, 5, 7-9)
The Passion Brokers (Tsidi Leloka, Beulah Hashe, Faith Kekana, Marilyn Nokwe): backing vocals (3-5, 7)
Bob Ezrin: backing vocals (3, 7)
Alan White: drums (4, 11)
Basil: drums (4, 5, 9, 11)
Denny Fongheiser: drums (7)

Produced by Bob Ezrin and Trevor Rabin
Engineers: Bob Ezrin, Trevor Rabin, Stan Katayama
Additional engineering: Rick Butz, Julian Stoll, Dave Subklewe, Julie Last, Tom Banghart, Ringo Hrycyna
Management: Tony Dimitriades and Alex Scott for East End Management

1. I Can't Look Away [T. Rabin/Ezrin/A. Moore] (7:21)
2. Something to Hold on to [T. Rabin] (5:07)
3. Sorrow (Your Heart) [T. Rabin] (4:29)
4. Cover Up [T. Rabin/G. Rabin/Moore] (5:16)
5. Promises [T. Rabin] (5:55)
6. Etoile Noir [T. Rabin] (1:03)
7. Eyes of Love [T. Rabin/Ezrin] (6:24)
8. I Didn't Think It Would Last [T. Rabin/Ezrin] (4:08)
9. Hold on to Me [T. Rabin/P. Van Blerk] (4:44)
10. Sludge [T. Rabin] (2:26)
11. I Miss You Now [T. Rabin] (5:38)
12. The Cape [T. Rabin] (2:56

Notes: (****) Anthony Moore, who contributes lyrics to two songs, had previously worked with Bob Ezrin in Pink Floyd (see A Momentary Lapse of Reason), but is best known as one third of Slapp Happy. Duncan Faure has been with Trevor in Rabbitt. The G. Rabin credited on "Cover Up" is presumably Trevor's father, Godfrey, who guested on Trevor's debut album Beginnings/Trevor Rabin. (MP; additional notes, HP 8 Feb 03)

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